Fatal Install Error

I am unable to install, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_View_Helper_Placeholder_Container::ksort() in /var/www/html/omeka/erie/application/libraries/Zend/View/Helper/HeadLink.php on line 311

Hi gnosis,

I'm not sure what's causing this error. We need to know a few things:

1) What version of PHP and MySQL are installed on your server?
2) What version of Omeka are you trying to install?


PHP 5.16
MYSQL 5.077


Omeka (and the Zend framework it uses) requires at least PHP 5.2.4 to work. See our Preparing to Install page on our documentation. I suspect there's an incompatibility issue with Zend and PHP 5.16. There's probably nothing we can do about this in Omeka. Is it possible for you to upgrade your version of PHP, or have your host or system admin upgrade your account?