Exhibit Builder 3 issues

We are running Omeka 2.2.2 and just started using Exhibit Builder 3. I have a couple of problems, though I don't know if they are both related to Exhibit Builder 3.

1. The Browse Exhibits link is broken: The default link to Browse Exhibits in Appearance > Navigation is set to http://www.lib.luc.edu/specialcollections/exhibits, which comes up with a 404 error.

I removed it so that this won't display a broken link to users, but how should I replace this to make it possible to browse all exhibits? I can't think of what else I changed other than upgrading Exhibit Builder that could have caused this.

2. In the past I changed the default thumbnail to regular thumbnail from square thumbnail by changing the browse.php theme thumbnail code to
<?php echo display_files_for_item('imageSize' => 'thumbnail'); ?>
This no longer seems to be working--my thumbnails are back to being square and blurry, which I assume must have to do with CSS, but I can't figure out which file to edit to change this--I tried it in my theme CSS to no avail.

I'm not sure what's going on with #1. The link it's generating is the right one, it looks like. Are you sure all the files copied over correctly when you installed the plugin? A missing view file could cause that kind of error.

Which page are you having the problem with the square thumbnails on? Your items browse page seems to be using regular, non-square thumbnails already.

In /plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/public/exhibits I have browse.php, show.php, summary.php and tags.php. In the theme's exhibit builder folder I have those same ones plus item.php. I might be misunderstanding the question so let me know if I should be looking in another place.

Here's an example of the square thumbnails issue. I was able to figure out how to change it for item browse but exhibit pages I can't figure out. http://www.lib.luc.edu/specialcollections/exhibits/show/gorey/doubleday-anchor/non-anchor-covers


Changing the way exhibit layouts are displayed now requires you to have a plugin with custom layouts. If you look at the "NAL Document Gallery" layout in this plugin, I have a selector that allows you to choose which size to use for gallery images.


THanks! I saw this post in searching the forums but wasn't sure this was the same thing. It looks pretty straightforward, but do you have any tips for implementation?

It's pretty easy to do. If you want, you can copy the code from my plugin, and just edit out the parts you don't want and change whatever you want to change (like removing "NAL" from everything, I imagine!). It installs just like any other plugin.

Original post: http://omeka.org/forums/topic/custom-layouts-for-exhibit-builder-30

The files you described are the right ones. It's possible that there's some permissions problem with the view files, either the ones directly from the plugin. If you have a custom exhibits browse in your theme, that could also be causing this problem somehow.

You're right, it was the browse in the theme. I removed that and it's working again.

Thanks for the info on the theme plugin! I'll give that a shot. I know in general the new exhibit builder will save me a lot of future time customizing exhibit themes....

Just an update, I was able to modify the plugin and get it working. Thanks a million.

I've noticed quite a bit of demand for customization of the thumbnail size/type, particularly for the Gallery layout.

We initially made the choice to force square thumbnails to enforce the grid layout of the gallery, but I'll look into whether we can provide non-square thumbnails as an option in a future release.

I'd definitely support adding an option for image type to all layout settings!

I mentioned it elsewhere but this is actually probably the more appropriate thread: we're trying out a method for adding "normal" thumbnail support to the Gallery layout.

It's currently available as the latest "master" code on the Exhibit Builder's Github.

That's great. I'll test it out.