Embedded Audio Players parsed out

Hello, I'm trying to embed an MP3 player with a corresponding file into my item.

To do this I've used the "HTML" editor for the "Transcription" field and plopped in the HTML (either the Google player, or the HTML5 audio tags) but no matter what I do the WYSIWYG editor parses out these tags and takes the audio player away.

Is there a solution?



You could use the standard Omeka Files system to add your MP3, and then use a plugin like HTML5 Media (which I wrote, so I'm biased) to have it be embedded with HTML5.

If you still want to embed the markup in an element of the item, are you using the "HTML" button on the editor toolbar when you're pasting in your markup? If you are and it's still stripping the audio tag out, you'd likely have to make a change to the JavaScript Omeka uses to display the editor to make it allow audio tags.

Would you perhaps be able to offer any assistance to one less fortunate in getting the HTML5 Media plugin to work? I've got it installed on the plugins page only I don't know how or at what level of the Omeka structure I can embed the audio player (item, exhibit, collection?). I've embedded a player at the item level using just garden variety HTML5, but I'd really like to insert a player on a page of an exhibit. On http://mediaelementjs.com/ you mention adding scripts and links to stylesheets. In what document and in what directory are you doing this? I'd be grateful for any help or guidance you can provide.
Thanks so much,