adding file upload with dropbox to existing item

I'm using Omeka 1.1 and Dropbox 0.3. I had an item created and populated the metadata record. Then uploaded the file using dropbox because it was too big for the web admin interface upload. A new item was created for that file. There doesn't appear to be a way to associate a dropbox'ed file with an existing item (as it looks like there was in previous version, which I saw in the Using Dropbox video tutorial -- a nice little box in the corner that let you add files to items that had been added via dropbox). Am I missing something or do I need to reinstall dropbox? I really don't want to have to re-create all the metadata, and want to make sure I avoid this in the future.


Hi kvanmalssen,

In addition to creating separate items under the "Drop Box" tab in the admin, you can also associate files in the DropBox directory under the "Files" tab when adding/editing an item. See part four under "Using the Dropbox plugin" in the Dropbox documentation on our Codex.

The way we've written this documentation makes it seem that there are four steps, when in fact adding files through the DropBox tab and through an individual item are two separate processes, each with different results. I'll change the documentation to reflect this difference.

What you should do, since you've already created an item, is re-upload the files to the DropBox plugin, then navigation to Admin > Items and edit the item you want to associate the files to. Click on that item's "Files" tab, and you should see a listing of the files available in the DropBox plugin. You will need to reupload the files to DropBox, since it sounds like you did the batch adding of items through the DropBox tab.

Hope this helps,

Hi Jeremy,

I tried again, and did as you instructed. When I get to the Files tab under the Item section, the there is no option to associate a file I've uploaded using the Dropbox, no list of files I've added to the Dropbox. But when I go to the Dropbox tab in the admin, the file is there. But again, I don't want to use this since the metadata is already created.



What version of the dropbox plugin are you using? The current version should display a list of any files from dropbox.. could you check this?

Hi, I am using dropbox 0.3 and Omeka 1.1. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling dropbox, but that didn't seem to work. I can send screen shots of the lack of dropbox files in the item->files area, and the presence of dropbox files in the dropbox admin area if that would help.



I'm working on this again, and now have an even bigger problem - no files are showing up in the admin/dropbox or the item/files area. I have 4 files in the dropbox/files folder. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times now. Not sure what else to do. Please help!