The Dropbox plugin allows Omeka users to 'batch upload' a large quantity of files at one time, creating unique items in the archive for each file. Additionally, it allows you to associate numerous files with pre-existing items in edit mode.

Dropbox Plugin Installation

  1. Upload and Activate the dropbox plugin (see Installing_a_Plugin)
  2. Make 'files' folder located in the Dropbox plugin writable. For most servers, chmod -r 777 files will work.

Using the Dropbox plugin

Once activated, the dropbox plugin creates a primary tab on the admin panel, named Dropbox. It allows you to create a batch of items at once, rather than one at a time on the items add page. Using the Dropbox also may allow you to circumvent file size restrictions imposed by your server administrator.

1. After following the instructions and properly making the /files/ folder writeable, FTP files to that folder.

2. The list of files will appear in files tab when adding or editing items,and under the Dropbox tab available from the /admin screen (.../admin/dropbox).

3. From the Admin Dropbox box section (.../admin/dropbox) you may select files to batch add, apply collections-level metadata, and tags to all of the selected items. You may also choose to make items public or to feature them. Click 'upload files/items.' Items are named based upon the names of files added, but can be modified through the items edit page.

4. From the Add or Edit Items (.../items/add or .../items/edit) panel, click on the Files tab and check the box of the file you wish to associate with that particular item. You may associate multiple files with that item. Click Add Item or Save Changes button to complete the file adding process.

You may add files from the dropbox at any point during the adding or editing process.

  • In version 0.6, files will be sorted alphabetically in the Dropbox tab and in the Files list when adding or editing an item.

Security Settings

It may be necessary to add specific mimetypes to the Allowed File Types in the admin section. To get there, select Settings > Security Settings. For JPEG and PNG files, add:

 ,image/jpeg; charset=binary,image/png; charset=binary

to the end of the list and click on the Save Changes button.