Plugins/CollectionTree 2.0

Collection Tree plugin allows Omeka sites to have nested collections. One collection can have at most one parent collection, but a collection may have zero or multiple child collections.

Working with Collection Tree

  1. Upload and install the Collection Tree plugin (see Installing a Plugin)
  1. On installation, the plugin automatically creates a tab in the Admin navigation called Collection Tree where your nested collections are listed hierarchically.

Nesting Collections

You can nest collections after you have created two or more in the Collection section. Read more about Managing_Collections_2.0.

  • Select Collections in the Admin navigation, then add a collection.
  • To nest a collection, select the Parent Collection tab that appears at the top of page when adding or editing a collection.
Collection tree parent.png
  • From the dropdown menu, select the parent collection for the collection you have just created. This selection nests your collections, creating a collection tree.

Viewing Collection Trees

To view your collection tree, select Collection Tree in the left Admin navigation available from the Dashboard.


If you wish, you may make the Collection Tree's hierarchy viewable to the public, go to the Appearance tab in the top Admin navigation bar. Then, click on Navigation, and check or uncheck the Collection Page. Read more about Managing_Navigation_2.0.

This is what a sample public page looks like: