Managing Element Sets 2.0

Element Sets are standardized metadata categories that enable you to consistently classify, identify, and sort the digital resources in your Omeka database. Element Sets utilize standardized Dublin Core metadata fields enabling you to classify the items in your database by content, format, and administrative details surrounding stewardship such as rights and preservation.


To manage your Element Sets in Omeka, select Settings in the top navigation bar. In the Settings screen, choose Element Sets.

Annotate Elements

You may customize descriptions of Dublin Core metadata through adding comments to metadata fields and you may arrange the order in which the fields appear on your site.

Under Element Sets, select Edit under Dublin Core.


To add comments to the metadata field descriptions, click on the arrow to the right of the name of the Dublin Core metadata element. Add your comment in the field below. Don't forget to save your changes.


Reorder Fields

To arrange the order in which the Dublin Core metadata fields appear on your site, mouse over the name of each element. Your mouse icon will become a hand. Click on the name of the element and drag and drop it to create an order appropriate for your Omeka database. Don't forget to save your changes.