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Rights Statements

An Omeka S module to allow users to easily select rights statements from

The module adds a "Rights Statement" data type. To use it, assign it as the data type for a Property (i.e., Dublin Core Rights) for a Resource Template. The pre-installed Base Resource template already includes the Rights property, so a simple option is to just set the data type there.

When the Rights Statement type is used on a property, the UI for that property becomes a drop-down with the 11 statements for the user to select. Both the human-readable name and the linked data URI for the selected statement are applied to the item.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.2.0February 11, 2021 [info]^3.0.0
1.1.0October 08, 2020 [info]^3.0.0
1.0.0August 09, 2019 [info]^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0
0.2.0October 12, 2017 [info]>=1.0.0-beta3