By Laurent Thomas Restricts access of public sites to the user list defined in site settings. Displays a login landing page for anonymous users.
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Module for Omeka S

This module adds a restriction option to the site settings page. Access is then limited to the user list setting on the public sites. Anonymous users are redirected to a standard public-facing login page, without the need to log into admin backend.

Installing / Getting started

RestrictedSites is compatible with Omeka-S v2.

  • Download and unzip in your omeka-s/modules directory.
  • Rename the uncompressed folder to RestrictedSites.
  • Log into your Omeka-S admin backend and navigate to the Modules menu.
  • Click Install next to the RestrictedSites module.


This module includes the following features: Restrict access of public sites to a list of registered users Public-facing login form included in your public site theme, including a checkbox option to remember the user session Custom Log out link that does not redirect to admin backend Ability to hide features (e.g. search form) from anonymous user * Built-in EN and FR localization

Restrict access of public sites

The RestrictedSites module changes the way users access public sites of your choice. On a standard Omeka-S configuration, all public sites are open to visitors. Private sites, on the contrary, are hidden to the public eye and users must login to the administration backend before navigating a private site homepage.

The RestrictedSites module merely provides a shortcut action to login directly on a site.

Please note that this module does not change the behavior for Private sites, nor the one of the Omeka-S API.


To enable this behavior on a site of your choice, the site must be set to public: Navigate to your Omeka-S admin panel. Click on the Sites menu. Click the pencil icon next to the site you wish to configure. Toggle as needed the eye-shaped visibility icon and save.

You then need to enable the module for your site: Navigate to your site Settings menu. Check the Restrict access to site user list option and save.

Starting now, your site is closed to anonymous visitors but still facing public visibility, unlike private sites.

Adding users

You need to add authorized users to your site settings. Unless so, users trying to login on the site home will get a Forbidden error.

In order to add users: Navigate to your site User permissions menu Add or remove the necessary users with at least Viewer permission * Save

Login form

The module includes a default login form. If you want to customize this form to suit your theme, you should be able to edit or include the following template in your theme package: view/restricted-sites/site/site-login/login.phtml

Conditional display for login users

A conditional $isLogin variable is set by the login controller and available in order to hide specific items from public facing view, e.g. search forms.

To do so, in any view template, surround the elements you want to hide to non-registered users with the following conditional:

<?php if (!isset($isLogin)):?>
  // Insert code to conditionally hide here
<?php endif; ?>

Custom log out link

A custom log out link is available in your site Navigation configuration. This link terminates the user's session and redirects to the site login form, but does not display the admin backend login form.

Module configuration

There is no module-specific configuration.

Known issues

See the Issues page.


Contributions are welcome. The module is in early development stage and could do with more advanced usage and testing.


Some code and logic based on other Omeka-S modules: - GuestUser: - Omeka-S main repository:


The code in this project is licensed under LGPLv3.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.9August 11, 2019 [info]^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0
0.8March 08, 2019 [info]