Classes Summary
PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase A TestCase defines the fixture to run multiple tests. To define a TestCase 1) Implement a subclass of PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase. 2) Define instance variables that store the state of the fixture. 3) Initialize the fixture state by overriding setUp(). 4) Clean-up after a test by overriding tearDown(). Each test runs in its own fixture so there can be no side effects among test runs. Here is an example: <code> <?php class MathTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase { public $value1; public $value2; protected function setUp() { $this->value1 = 2; $this->value2 = 3; } } ?> </code> For each test implement a method which interacts with the fixture. Verify the expected results with assertions specified by calling assert with a boolean. <code> <?php public function testPass() { $this->assertTrue($this->value1 + $this->value2 == 5); } ?> </code>
PHPUnit_Framework_Assert A set of assertion methods.
Interfaces Summary
PHPUnit_Framework_Test A Test can be run and collect its results.
PHPUnit_Framework_SelfDescribing Interface for classes that can return a description of itself.