Classes Summary
AbstractPluginManager Abstract plugin manager. Abstract PluginManagerInterface implementation providing: - creation context support. The constructor accepts the parent container instance, which is then used when creating instances. - plugin validation. Implementations may define the `$instanceOf` property to indicate what class types constitute valid plugins, omitting the requirement to define the `validate()` method. The implementation extends `ServiceManager`, thus providing the same set of capabilities as found in that implementation.
ServiceManager Service Manager. Default implementation of the ServiceLocatorInterface, providing capabilities for object creation via: - factories - abstract factories - delegator factories - lazy service factories (generated proxies) - initializers (interface injection) It also provides the ability to inject specific service instances and to define aliases.
Interfaces Summary
ServiceLocatorInterface Interface for service locator
PluginManagerInterface Interface for a plugin manager A plugin manager is a specialized service locator used to create homogeneous objects