Delegator factory interface. Defines the capabilities required by a delegator factory. Delegator factories are used to either decorate a service instance, or to allow decorating the instantiation of a service instance (for instance, to provide optional dependencies via setters, etc.).

Known implementers

Omeka\Service\Delegator\FormElementDelegatorFactory , Omeka\Service\Delegator\FormRowDelegatorFactory , Omeka\Service\Delegator\FormSelectDelegatorFactory , Omeka\Service\Delegator\HeadTitleDelegatorFactory , Omeka\Service\Delegator\NavigationDelegatorFactory , Omeka\Service\Delegator\TranslatorDelegatorFactory

Methods Summary
# __invoke( Interop\Container\ContainerInterface $container , string $name , callable $callback , array $options = NULL )
A factory that creates delegates of a given service