Known implementers

Omeka\Permissions\Assertion\AssertionNegation , Omeka\Permissions\Assertion\HasSitePermissionAssertion , Omeka\Permissions\Assertion\IsSelfAssertion , Omeka\Permissions\Assertion\OwnsEntityAssertion , Omeka\Permissions\Assertion\SiteIsPublicAssertion , Omeka\Permissions\Assertion\UserIsAdminAssertion

Methods Summary
# assert( Zend\Permissions\Acl\Acl $acl , Zend\Permissions\Acl\Role\RoleInterface $role = NULL, Zend\Permissions\Acl\Resource\ResourceInterface $resource = NULL, string $privilege = NULL )
Returns true if and only if the assertion conditions are met This method is passed the ACL, Role, Resource, and privilege to which the authorization query applies. If the $role, $resource, or $privilege parameters are null, it means that the query applies to all Roles, Resources, or privileges, respectively.