Describes the interface of a container that exposes methods to read its entries.

Known implementers

Interop\Container\ContainerInterface , Omeka\Media\FileRenderer\Manager , Omeka\Media\Ingester\Manager , Omeka\Media\Renderer\Manager , Omeka\ServiceManager\AbstractPluginManager , Zend\ServiceManager\AbstractPluginManager , Zend\ServiceManager\PluginManagerInterface , Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceLocatorInterface , Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceManager

Methods Summary
# get( string $id )
Finds an entry of the container by its identifier and returns it.
# has( string $id )
Returns true if the container can return an entry for the given identifier. Returns false otherwise. `has($id)` returning true does not mean that `get($id)` will not throw an exception. It does however mean that `get($id)` will not throw a `NotFoundExceptionInterface`.