The base class that user defined filters should extend. Handles the setting and escaping of parameters.

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Methods Summary
final public
# __construct( Doctrine\ORM\EntityManagerInterface $em )
Constructs the SQLFilter object.
final public
# setParameter( string $name , string $value , string|null $type = NULL )
Sets a parameter that can be used by the filter.
final public
# getParameter( string $name )
Gets a parameter to use in a query. The function is responsible for the right output escaping to use the value in a query.
final public
# hasParameter( string $name )
Checks if a parameter was set for the filter.
final public
# __toString( )
Returns as string representation of the SQLFilter parameters (the state).
final protected
# getConnection( )
Returns the database connection used by the entity manager
abstract public
# addFilterConstraint( Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\ClassMetadata $targetEntity , string $targetTableAlias )
Gets the SQL query part to add to a query.