extends Zend\ServiceManager\AbstractPluginManager uses Zend\EventManager\EventManagerAwareTrait

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Methods Summary
# __construct( $configOrContainerInterface = NULL, array $v3config = array ( ) )
# getRegisteredNames( )
Get registered names. An alternative to parent::getCanonicalNames(). Returns only the names that are registered in configuration as invokable classes and factories. The list many be modified during the service.registered_names event.
Methods inherited from Zend\ServiceManager\AbstractPluginManager
__construct(), configure(), get(), validate(), setServiceLocator()
Methods inherited from Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceManager
__construct(), getServiceLocator(), get(), build(), has(), setAllowOverride(), getAllowOverride(), configure(), setAlias(), setInvokableClass(), setFactory(), mapLazyService(), addAbstractFactory(), addDelegator(), addInitializer(), setService(), setShared()
Methods used from Zend\EventManager\EventManagerAwareTrait trait
setEventManager() getEventManager()
Properties Summary
protected array $sortedNames
Sorted array of service names. Names specified here are sorted accordingly in the getRegisteredNames output. Names not specified are left in their natural order.
# array ( )
Properties inherited from Zend\ServiceManager\AbstractPluginManager
$autoAddInvokableClass, $instanceOf
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$abstractFactories, $aliases, $allowOverride, $creationContext, $delegators, $factories, $initializers, $lazyServices, $services, $shared, $sharedByDefault, $configured
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