News Scholar Launches 'Experiencing Medieval Places' using Omeka

I’m happy to announce the launch of Experiencing Medieval Places, a website created Dolly Jørgensen of the Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway and proudly powered by Omeka.

Experiencing Medieval Places

In Dolly’s words, Experiencing Medieval Places is a “website for exploring the lived experience at medieval (Europe, 400-1500) sites. The goal of the site is explore how medieval people experienced places, including churches, castles, marketplaces, and homes. More than a travel site, Experiencing Medieval Places encourages modern visitors to recognize and stay in touch with the historical experience in medieval places.”

This is a great example of how Omeka sites can be used to publish scholarship on the web, and easily build rich narrative around digital objects in Omeka’s built-in archive. Dolly’s first exhibit, Experiencing Stained Glass, discusses the functions of medieval stained glass for both the medieval and modern church visitor.  It also demonstrates how minor changes to the default Omeka theme can produce an attractive and original site.

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