ZoteroImport for 2.0.4?

I'm curious as to whether there are any plans to create a ZoteroImport plugin that is compatible with the latest version of Omeka. We're considering using this for a project but we just upgraded to 2.0.4 so I'm feeling kind of stuck.


Please see this forum post on the same question: http://omeka.org/forums/topic/zotero-importsync-in-omeka-20

I'm also desperately waiting on this plugin to launch a site. I reverted to Omeka 1.5 so that I could import items, but am now stuck because some other plugins, such as guest user, are unavailable for 1.5, so I'm still unable to move our project forward.

I noticed some activity on github with the Zotero Import plugin about a month ago. Any more updates as to its potential launch date?

Thanks so much.