zotero manual import?

Hi all,

I have read and re-read all the posts about the trouble with zotero-import stopping. My hosting provider is simply not willing to help with the php path and background process etc.

When it stops, each restart creates duplicates.

My question: is there a way I can "feed" manually the data to the zotero import? If I add the fields that the plugin seems to import manually to MYSQL, it does not work as the import evidently communicates with the main Omeka tables something that I cannot replicate.

Thank you in advance.


You mention problems with the PHP path, so are you using the Synchronous strategy because of those problems?

Thank you, John, for your reply.

I have indeed implemented that but it does not seem to solve the problem unfortunately and that's why I am hoping to find a solution until I can change hosts.

I am happy to manually upload the same data that the zotero import plugin parses out and import them into the sql but that does not seem to suffice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.