Zotero import trouble


I have installed Omeka and am trying to import my library from Zotero.

My library is synchronized and public and i have a private Key. Also, i checked my phpinfo and i have the lastest version of zlib but i have this message :

"DOMDocument cannot parse XML: Start tag expected, '<' not found. This may indicate that the library or collection does not exist, you do not have access to the library, or the private key is invalid"

I do not know what causes it.

Any solution ? Thanks in advance

Omeka version : 2.2.2
Zotero import version : 2.0.1
Zotero Atom Feed URL : https://api.zotero.org/users/2140722/items/

Thanks. It looks like the plugin hadn't been updated to reflect a recent update to the Zotero API.

There's a new version on the Zotero Plugin page (2.0.2) that should fix the issue.

waw I am impressed with your responsiveness
thank's a lot

All thanks to our crack developer Jim Safley and lead dev John Flatness!