Zotero Import Stopped Importing

Hey all,

I deleted a Zotero import which had completed successfully, and when I try to re-import it, it'll complete "successfully" almost immediately, but with not items imported. Can someone give me some insight?


I think Zotero Import keeps track of items it has already imported. It sounds like, when deleting the import, the plugin didn't correctly delete that info, and so it thinks it has already imported the items from Zotero.

This could be a bug in the plugin, but I'll have to dig around a bit to reproduce it. One workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the plugin. That's remove all of those records from imports, which should fix your immediate issue, but would also make duplicate items if you do a different zotero import on a different collection that you have already imported.

Thanks for the feedback, Patrick.

Yes, I'm confident you're correct; I installed the plugin on one of my Omeka instances for a client and really don't have time to troubleshoot its unexpected results. My own test-Zotero library imports and deletes without a hitch. In fact, I'd compared the JSON feed between the unimportable collection and my own: no apparent functional difference. It makes me think that the plugin is verifying each item with the Zotero sever to see if an import-flag was set before finalizing the item's transaction.

BTW: I'd already tried your "uninstall" suggestion w/o success. In fact this brings up a plug-in bug: the Zotero record is not deleted from the omeka_element_set table; you'll get an error when trying to reinstall. One needs to delete the Zotero record from omeka_element_set before reinstallation.

Thanks for the bug report -- issue is reported on GitHub.

I'm surprised, though, that the uninstall/reinstall didn't work. Is there still a table in there called omeka_zotero_import_items? If so, deleting that should do the same job I expected from uninstalling. (To be safe, if omeka_zotero_import_imports is also there, I'd clobber that, too). Having looked more closely through the code, though, I'm less confident that that'll work, but might still be a possibility, fingers crossed.

My guess if that isn't it would have been to look for problems in the feed itself, but it sounds like you've already covered that ground.

After that, next step is probably to make sure error logging is turned on, and see if there's insights in the logs.

Thanks Patrick; I have some discretionary time to screw around with Zotero this weekend and will share my findings.