Zotero for Omeka.net


I use Omeka.net to host our site [thank you all very much, indeed] and use Zotero extensively in collecting research data. I was vaguely dreaming in one of the Omeka forums about wouldn't it be nice if I could plug my Zotero data into my Omeka site and one of the Omeka folks told me about a plugin that would do just that.

I'd like to use it but it isn't listed as one of the Omeka.net plugins that I can install [Manage Site | Edit General Settings | Plugins]. Any way to make this happen in the Omeka.net environment, please?

Thanks, Bill Cole


Unfortunately, the Zotero Import plugin is not available on Omeka.net.

If you didn't specify that you were using Omeka.net on this forum, someone probably pointed you to the plugin that is available for those hosting their own Omeka sites. Sorry for the confusion.