Zoomit Error

I have installed the zoomit plugin, but when I click the link that appears on the item show page I get an error stating that the url doesn't work. Do I have to register my images at zoomit? There are no instructions for this plugin, so I'm not sure of the next step.

The file must be accessible to the web for the Zoom.it service to work. Are you testing your Omeka installation on a local machine or are you on a public web hosting service?

The instructions for the plugin are here.

The site is on a public web hosting service and is live.

What exactly is the error message? If it's "We couldn't reach the URL you gave us. Change the URL or try again?" then, for some reason, the Zoom.it service cannot read the file. What's the URL to the public item show page?

That is indeed the error message that I am getting.

link to one of our item show pages: http://icfa.doaks.org/collections/artamonoff/items/show/641

I have activated the zoomit plugin so that you can see what is happening.

Interesting development:

When I click try again the image does load, but each new item gets the original error until I try again.

Here is another broken one: http://icfa.doaks.org/collections/artamonoff/items/show/638

Ah, I see what's happening. The Zoom.it service needs to process an image the first time it's loaded. The image will load once this process completes. Usually there's a progress bar. The error message you're getting is puzzling, but there's nothing I can do to fix it, since it comes directly from Zoom.it.