Zoom.it Error

We seem to be experiencing problems with zoom.it, but only on occasion. We're using Scipto and it seems that only some of the images receive the "Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Change the URL or try again?" error, and the try again option doesn't always work even after multiple attempts. When going to the Change URL option, the URL presented goes directly to the image.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Also, the 2 examples below were both loaded yeaterday.

Thank you,

Main URL: http://exhibits.library.louisville.edu/omeka/items/browse?collection=10

Successful zoom.it load:

Failed zoom.it load:

This error can be recurrent on Zoom.it. It is not a Scripto or Omeka error. They recommend you ask questions about service on GetSatisfaction.com.

The last link redirects to the items browse page. It appears the item does not exist.