XML Import


I'm trying to use the XML Import plugin version 2.10 developed by Daniel Berthereau. I've installed the plugin and configured it to direct to the xsl files but when I run the test XML files I get a blank screen.

Any suggestions?

I did notice that the xsl files were in /var/www/omeka/plugins/XmlImport/libraries rather than the default location.


Do you have the xsl php libs installed?

If you're talking about: omeka_xml_output_v5_mixed.xsl etc...

Then yep, they are all installed. If there is something else I've missed then perhaps not.


The plugin was first developed by Scholars Lab (Omeka 1.5) and this is a wrapper for Csv Import. I upgraded to Omeka 2 and improved some features (that needs sometime an improved version of CsvImport, in particular to import files data and OCR data with end of line, etc., but this is needed for xml examples).

For your issue, as Wayne says, it seems that the php-xsl module is not enabled on your php server. It allows php to process xsl files.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Thanks for the help Daniel & Wayne.

I actually had the php-xsl module installed but I hadn't upgraded my CSV Import plugin to the improved version - thanks for pointing that out Daniel.

It looks as if things are working smoothly. You guys rock!