xml editor, TEI, and Omeka


I have Omeka installed on my Mac OS X 10.10. According to the TEI Boilerplate site:

TEI Boilerplate and Omeka

TEI Boilerplate also provides a simple solution for delivering TEI documents through Omeka, the popular open-source web-publishing platform. No additional software or plugins are necessary. One can simply host the TEI Boilerplate XSLT, JavaScript, and CSS files on a server alongside Omeka and change a parameter in the TEI Boilerplate XSLT file to point to that server.

Note: Some browsers apply the “same origin” security policy to XSLT stylesheets, which prohibits the use of XSLT from a different domain than the input document. For this reason, it is best to host the TEI Boilerplate files in the same domain as the Omeka installation.

My questions--
Where exactly do I install the TEI product in Omeka?

Do I need to do this through the command line or can I do it manually by manipulating folders?

What are the commands that I need to do this?

Also, I am struggling to find a free or low cost XML editor that would best work with Omeka on my Mac...any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


Has no-one replied to this? I looked at the TEI Boilerplate stuff and while it has a lot going for it, the texts my user wanted to serve are rather more densely marked.

To answer anyway:
1. Where? You don't install TEI Boilerplate *in* Omeka; you install it alongside. For example, if your Omeka is installed in /var/www/html/omeka, you would install TEIBP in /var/www/html/teibp

2. You need command line access. Possibly even root.

a) cd /usr/local/src (or /tmp if you prefer)
b) wget -O teibp.zip https://codeload.github.com/GrantLS/TEI-Boilerplate/zip/master
c) cd /var/www/html (or wherever your server lives)
d) unzip /usr/local/src/teibp.zip
e) mv TEI-Boilerplate-master teibp

Now you can see http://your.server.name/teibp/content/demo.xml

Editor? Aquamacs, the Mac version of Emacs, with psgml-mode, xsltide-mode, and lots of other things.