WYSIWYG disappeared from Item Elements in v2x Seasons


I am running Zotero 2.02 and the latest version of Seasons updated last week.

I'm stumped on this one. Sometime last night the WYSIWYG disappeared from my Item Element fields. No WYSIWYG appears when "Use HTML" is checked. The markup has been saved, and I can still manually key in markup -- just no WYSIW&G. (see screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/JLMj6Jj49)

It had been fine yesterday afternoon; I noticed the change yesterday evening.

Initially, when I first noticed the change, the actual markup was being displayed on public Show Item pages. After testing deactivating plugins, Simple Vocabulary (the latest release) seemed to be causing the markup display. Keeping it inactive has returned my Show Item public views sans markup, and displays markup ONLY in the Item element fields in the admin interface -- but still no WYSIWYG.

I have all plugins temporarily disabled for now, in case one of those is interring with the WYSIWYG being displayed.

While I am capable of hard-coding the markup for each relevant Item element field, I would prefer to speed of a WYSIWYG.

NOTE: The WYSIWYG *is* still displaying and working in all theme configuration settings (such as Home Page Text and Footer Text); it is just missing from Item element fields.

The only code changes I made prior to this earlier in the afternoon was adding Google Analytics .js tracking to my footer and and ShareThis .js tracking to my header.

Site example at: http://www.colleengreene.com/bible-history/items/show/4

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The theme doesn't have any effect on what's displayed on the admin side, including the WYSIWYG editor.

Did you make any of those Javascript changes on the admin side, or just on the public side?

I made those changes in the /common/header and /common/footer of my theme. ShareThis goes before <body>, Google Analytics goes before </body>.

I've run this same setup (with both of those .js scripts) on several other pre-v2 Omeka instances, with no problems.

Are there any errors in your browser's web console when you're on an item edit page that should have WYSIWYG editors?

This seems like some Javascript problem, but your changes to your theme similarly wouldn't affect things on the admin side.

A side note: the code on these forums that turns pasted URLs into links gets easily confused by punctuation. When you're pasting a link, try to make sure it's got spaces on either side, or put in an HTML <a href="... link.

No, I'm not getting any errors in my Console.

I just deleted each .js code, and the WYSIWYG came back on DC and Item Type element fields. I installed each again separately, checking after each was re-installed, and my WYSIWYG still shows up now.

Yesterday, it was several hours after installing these code snippets that I noticed the WYSIWYG disappearing. I'll keep monitoring today...

Wasn't sure if anyone else might be encountering this funkiness.

Thanks for the tip on the hyperlinks in Forums.