Wrong Logo displaying in Item view

For reasons that I do not understand, the logo and header of a site looks like this in general


but in the Item view one gets this:


Notice that the header shifts slightly as well. It seems that the item view is using a slightly different combination of header and logo (the latter without transparency!) but I cannot figure out where to suss out the bug and make a fix.

Any help you can render will be greatly appreciated!

All best
Quint Gregory

Forgot to tick the "notify by email" button, so this random follow-up!

Have you selected a theme for that exhibit? If you want the theme and settings to be the same, you should choose "Current Public Theme."

Sorry. Was pulled away for a couple of hours!

Here's what is confusing. We are using the Thanks Roy default and have ticked the "Current Public Theme" for exhibits. The header w/logo works fine on the exhibit page, but only when one drills down to any one of the individual items one sees the funky header/logo. I think, somehow, that these individual item views are accessing perhaps some older files? Any ideas?

All best

So it looks like the same problem appears when you're viewing an item "normally," not on a link through the exhibit.

There are Javascript errors occurring on that page from the AddThis javascript. If you're using Social Bookmarking, does disabling it change anything?

Actually, that AddThis problem seems to be unrelated.

If you look on line 488 of your theme's style.css, you'll see a style for .item img (all image tags on an item page), which creates a gray border and white background for all images. Though that's intended to only affect images within the actual content of the page, it's applying to your logo as well, making it look invisible, since the logo is just white areas on a transparent background.

Changing .item img on line 488 to .item #content img should fix this problem.

That's got it! Many, many thanks!

All best