Wrong comment on Seasons for 2.0


I just installed the most current version of Seasons (using the gorgeous new Night skin!). The set of styles at the bottom of style.css for Night are identified with the wrong comment -- repeats /*Autumn Styles*/ a 2nd time instead of /*Night Styles*/.

A super tiny error that doesn't throw a bug. Just makes it hard if someone is specifically searching the file for Night styles.


Call me ignorant, but how does one access the "Night" skin?

The Night skin was just released this week (http://omeka.org/blog/2013/04/04/new-plugins-a-theme-update-and-exciting-things-ahead/), as part of the latest version of Seasons: http://omeka.org/add-ons/themes/seasons/.

Well, that's interesting, but I just downloaded and installed Spring tonight, in my spiffy new 2.0.2 Omeka release, and I sure don't see "Night" joining the "seasons". Did I miss it by minutes, or what?

If you downloaded it bundled with Omeka, Night probably isn't included in the bundle yet (that's my guess -- since it's so new).

I downloaded Seasons separately yesterday, and Night is there. Just downloaded again, and Night is there.

Did you download Seasons by itself, or as the bundle?

Sigh. Just. Sigh.

Colleen is correct there. To keep the content of versions stable, the new version of Seasons is not included in the bundled up Omeka files. It will be included when we have a new version of Omeka ready to release.