Would Omeka work with our project?

We are currently using a blog to temporarily present a digital humanities project.


Instead of organizing information by date, we want to organize it by categories. For example, we will have a section of mainly text on historical figures, text and photos on archaeological evidences, text on biographies, quotes, a chronology, and a map with links to photos. I think the map could be a Google map.

My concern is that not all of the content is about presenting an artifacts, but some "entries" for lack of a better term will simply be text based descriptions, such as a biography.

Thank you for your assistance

Hi Vic,

There are a number of item types built into Omeka, including Text, Still Image, and Person, so not everything is an object. Here is more information from the user manual: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Item_Types_2.0

You might also want to look at the Site Planning Tips: http://omeka.org/codex/Site_Planning_Tips