Wordpress VS OMEKA but for personal use to build my site


I know nothing of any of these programs, but my brother who is programmer recommended me Wordpress because is very spread on the internet and "easy" he installed it already on my site

but after return work from a period of sickness (yeah dont ask) I found my chemistry library with a new future!!!

Yeah and guess want they chose at he faculty to do the repository OMEKA!!!!

It must be eassy, I am the informatics "expert" honorary in the library but the boss and coleaguess learned the system omeka in just 2 weeks that was awsome for me

I plan to do a web site with wallpaper and art in general, another guy programer also told me of omeka many month ago

I want to scan magazines I have at home and photos and videos of artisanies I will do

what should I do?

I have not done yet

In general, WP vs. Omeka comes down to two things: importance of metadata (recording creator, description, subject, etc.) and wanting to produce a narrative explanation of what you see as important in the content.

When you create an item in Omeka, it's quick and easy to add and display information about the item -- that's the title, description, subjects, and more information about the item. If you use item types, you can easily create more information specific to your site's needs.

With the Exhibit Builder plugin, you can create a narrative about those items that you have put into Omeka.

Those two things -- easy additional metadata about an item, and creating a narrative about those items, are what Omeka is good at, are what distinguishes it from WordPress.

Hope that helps,

ok and if I already have another installed software that I like to do that... is called TEMATRES maybe you know it is an argentinian soft done by Diego Ferreyra is good and I pretend to use wordpress with that "databse" originally designed to build thesaurus

Or is better to have just one soft?

What is your opinion on this?