Wordpress Themes as main template

HI, Was just thinking if there are any plans to allow Omeka to use Wordpress themes. Although different, being able to apply a theme and get generic elements such as headers, footers, fonts, colours, css from a wordpress theme would open up Omeka to a lot more people, plus WP developers might be more inclined to build Omeka variants if its uses the same base code as WP templates.

One thing I struggle with is design, with WP I can just buy or download a design and have a pretty good looking site and can concentrate on the content. With Omeka im finding it hard to get good templates when there are tons of good ones already out there, I keep using WP instead.

Just a thought maybe something to discuss for the future.


Omeka and WP are different enough deep down that there's not really a way to let Omeka use WP themes. Porting a theme over would pretty much require building an all new theme based on the WP one.