wordpress plug-in?

I wonder if omeka could be used as a wordpress plug-in?

Omeka is an entire web publishing system, built in PHP5 using Zend Framework. Although I'm a big fan of WordPress plugins, there's no possible way to use Omeka as a stand-alone wordpress plugin. With that said, it would be possible to build a wordpress plugin to create tighter integration with Omeka (easily inserting items into blog posts, etc), but we have no plans to develop such a plugin.

I think you should really consider connecting wordpress and omeka.
Omeka is great in metadata and database managing, and wordpress in all other stuff.

May I also recommend a single sign on plug-in for WP and Omeka, which would allow for user contributions to both platforms without confusing users (and admins) who are signed into one platform but not the other. Not sure how easy that one would be, but I'd be willing to give it a go (or at least investigate) if someone wants to point me in the right direction.

Wordpress has an OpenID plugin, so if someone were to write an OpenID plugin for Omeka, presumably that would take care of authentication for both.

As to how to write the OpenID plugin, Zend Framework has an OpenID authentication adapter. Omeka uses ZF's database authentication adapter, but presumably it would be easy to switch those two out.

I'm not sure if an Omeka plugin could do that off the bat, it might require a patch to Omeka's core authentication, but increasing the extensibility of the login mechanism is something we're looking at for future versions.

I would also like to see cross-authentication between Omeka and Wordpress. This thread was started (and ended) 10 months ago. Has there been any progress on Omeka's core authentication since then?

I am also using Dokuwiki for my site, and there has thankfully been authentication integration done between the two.


I don't know how difficult this would be to implement in Omeka, but Wordpress is certainly capable. The administration part of making this work took only about 5 minutes. It appears that Dokuwiki has a decent authentication layer from which to plugin, and a lot of custom backends. Definitely a good model to emulate: