WKT Coordinates

I'm having trouble understanding WKT as it is used in Neatline maps.

I've got a data set I created years ago in Google Maps, which has KML coordinates. And I've imported this data into Omeka using the CSV import plugin. I have two questions:

First, the coordinates that the Neatline Map will generate if I place a point on the map, say for Tokyo Japan, are entirely different from what I see both in my Google data and in this KML to WKT converter: http://geospatialconversions.azurewebsites.net/#

For Tokyo...
Neatline (drawing a point manually): GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(15558833.542311 4256548.7935242))
KML (Google): <Point><coordinates>139.691711,35.689487,0.0</coordinates></Point>
KML->WKT converter: GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(139.691711 35.689487))

You'll see that the values between KML and the KML->WKT tool are the same.

If I put the KML->WKT data into Neatline, it doesn't plot anything, let alone to the right location. Is the Neatline coordinates using a different format? What am I doing wrong?

Second question, when importing from the CSV, it would be nice (once I figure out the above question) if I could convert the KML data to WKT in the CSV and then import to Neatline, via Omeka, with all the coordinates applied to the map. Is this possible? What field would I assign the coordinates to in Omeka (coverage?).

Thanks for any help!

I am also having similar problems plotting points in Neatline, so I am eagerly awaiting a response on this.

mhess8, do you mind sharing what browser you used and what format your data was in when you used that KML to WKT converter? I just tried inputting my data and it doesn't seem to respond.

For the converter, I had to include the full xml file such as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.2">

<name>City in Japan</name>



So, I hope I didn't give the impression that this was solved. The coordinate issue still remains. Anyone have ideas?

I'm not sure about KML but the data do indeed look different. We ended up creating a little LAT-LON to WKT script here. Perhaps it might be useful.


Has anybody made any progress with this issue? I have the same problem. Any fresh ideas?