wiki links in Omeka item pages

I am considering to use Omeka as my personal research database, mostly to keep biographical data. It seems ideal to create biographies and link documents, photos and so on.

One things I need though is the ability to link from one item to the other via wiki style links. If I am correct this is not currently possible, I wonder if people have experience with accomplishing something like it or if it will be a feature in the future? I know I should probably looking at a wiki but they have their limitations to in terms of usability and digital asset management capabilities.

I guess Omeka with wiki capabilities would be a dream for historians :)

Thanks and best,

There's a 'relation' metadata field that you may want to experiment with. You could use this to link different biographies and documents together.

At this time we don't have any plans for any wiki features, but it's still an option for anyone interested in building a plugin to extend the software's functionality.