whitepage error upon installation NOT caused by .htaccess


So, I have my httpd.conf file modified to AllowOverrides, i have the RewriteBase code added to the two .htaccess files, I believe my PHP is up to date and includes all of the necessary parts...

And I still get the white page of death when trying to install for the first time.

Is there anything else that could be causing this error?

I'd double check that's the URL of your Omeka install and that you've uploaded all of the files. I went to http://poormojo.gizmolabs.org/fgs/admin/ (which should be your admin panel) and received a 404 error.

Okay, that was an error in my RewriteBase code in the admin .htaccess file. It has been corrected. I ams till getting WhitePage of Death.

Hi, does your system have PHP 5.2.x installed on it? You will probably be able to see what error you are getting if you open up your .htaccess again and set php_value display_errors 1 (it may have been set already, but that should at least show you a fatal error instead of a blank white page). Let me know if that helps.