white screen at point of uploading images, activating zlib

Our Omeka installation seems to be working okay, but we're getting a white screen when we try to upload an image. Files seem to be getting created in the archive subdirectories, but they are not visible through the staff or public interface.

We're using RHEL 4, php 5.2.5, MySQL 5.0.51a, imagemagick 6.4.0, apache 2.0.52

Another problem--we have zlib installed, but when we uncomment the zlib lines, we get gibberish when visiting the site through the browser

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Mark Dahl
Lewis & Clark College

Hi Mark,

My hunch is that your error uploading images relates to your copy of PHP not having --enable-exif compiled with it. I've made note of this bug (to bypass it) for a future release, but right now it's required to extract the EXIF data. If you can recompile PHP with --enable-exif then you'll be all set.

Zlib isn't required for Omeka -- could you check phpinfo() and double check that it's compiled with your copy of PHP?