Where is the CSV Import administrative tab

According to http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/CsvImport I am supposed to click on the CSV Import administrative tab, but I can't find any such thing. Where is it located?

I am running Omeka 1.4.1. and CSV Import
Version 1.3. The plugin is installed and activated and I am logged in as a super user.

There is a message on the manage plugin screen that reads "Notice: This version of the 'CSV Import' plugin has only been tested up to Omeka 1.3. You are using version Omeka 1.4.1." Could it be that the plugin doesn't work with Omeka 1.4.1?

The "CSV Import" tab should appear as part of the line of tabs just under the site name on the admin side.

This is the bar that includes tabs for Items, Collections, Item Types, Tags, etc.

Thanks John,

I just found that the plugin.php file for CSV Import was empty! I reinstalled that file and now have a configure button and the admin tab. I'm not sure how that file ever got truncated, but at least the fix was easy.