Where are Files Imported to?


I am new to Omeka and would like to use the CSV Import Plugin to do some batch importing. This requires populating one of the columns of the .csv file with the location of, for example, an image file. My question is, where do I find the location of such a file? Where are the files imported to?

I was expecting a files directory / library but instead it seems I need to batch upload files to the FTP server (/plugins/Dropbox/files/) using the Dropbox Plugin and then add then upload them as Items? Is this correct? Then do I need to click through to find the URL of the file for inclusion in the .csv file.

I am sure there is an easier way but please let me know.


The basic game is just making sure that Omeka has access to the files. Generally that means putting them someplace accessible on the web via a URL. Then those URLs are what you would put in the CSV file.

Sorted, thanks Patrick!