what medi aplayers are supported?


ive encounted a problem and i nee dhelp. ive uploaded a video to my site but when my server doesnt allow for playback streaming they are ixwebhosting. is there any other way i can get the video to play. the link is here http://tango-music.net/items/show/118

thank you

It looks like your server is incorrectly detecting the type of your media file (notice that it lists the type as audio/unknown). Omeka needs to know the file's mimetype in order to embed the media on the page properly.

If you have any other, non-AVI formats to work with, it might be worth a try (and you'll get better cross-browser and cross-platform support also).

Another possible option is to directly edit your "omeka_files" table to override the detected MIME type (something like video/x-msvideo is what you're looking for).

thank you john. i tried other formats such as FLV, MPG and WMV and its rejecting them all. do u know what other formats i could use.

thank you