What is this plugin?

I would like to know what plugin is using The Teresa Deevy Archive on the item/show in order to read the document? Is it a custom DocViewer? or something else?
An exemple : http://deevy.nuim.ie/items/show/84

Hi Benoit,

We're using pdf.js to view pdfs and the DocsViewer plugin to show tif files.

The changes to the default theme are all in seasons/items/show.php

Our code is here: https://github.com/padraic7a/seasons/blob/master/items/show.php

I think the changes are all clearly commented but let me know if you have any questions.

You also need to install the pdf.js viewer. this is pretty straightforward. From /var/www/html/ its just a matter of git clone https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js.git.

Be aware however that the code is a little buggy, we found issues with the order files were atached to items - see here: http://omeka.org/forums/topic/item-file-order-and-implications-for-display

Hi! Thanks a lot for your answer, I really like how this viewer works. I tried it on my server but I have this error message :

Now it just gave me an error message with "/hmtl/pdf.js/web/viewer.html?file=http://******/files/original/6d9b2d08ea5bc952039037835c20fc6e.jpg is not a valid URL "

Did you have the same problem? Thanks for your answer and your tme :)

What are the contents of /var/www/html/ ?

Nothing, I just create it and I copy the pdf.js
I'm on a Shared web hosting service.

Ok. Our omeka installation sits in here, as does pdf.js

It looks to me like the issue is just one of filepaths, so on this line: https://github.com/padraic7a/seasons/blob/master/items/show.php#L24
where we say 'http://website/pdf.js/web/viewer.html?file=http://website/files/original/' you will have to change this to something else.

Yes I already changed that. But now it's working! Omeka is in the www/ and I put pdf.js on www/html but it was not working. I just put it on www/ and now it works...sorry that was a stupid error.
Thanks for your patient and thank you for the tip, it works really well whereas Doc viewer was not working with pdf larger than 1mo...

My only problem now is that pdj.js also works for image (jpg) where the doc viewer cas not activate for image.

Great, I'm glad that worked for you!

You should keep an eye on this thread where our modified code is being discussed because we might change things as we receive feedback, http://omeka.org/forums/topic/item-file-order-and-implications-for-display

Alternatively you can 'watch' the repo where we back up our local copy of the seasons theme : https://github.com/padraic7a/seasons

Oh, now it's working even for the image! I paste your last code again, when it's a pdf it opens with pdf.js, and when it's an image, they are no viewer (I keep the thumbnail and you can still click on it to see the image in another page). It was already like that with doc vewer.
Thanks for all!

Do you have a link to your site Benoit?

Yes but I can't give it to everyone for now :( We are still waiting for the official confirmation. Maybe I can give it to you on email?

Sure, that would be great it's padraic (dot) stack (at) nuim (dot) ie


Hi everybody,

i use Ubuntu server 10 and i have installed pdfjs inorder to use it in my omeka pages. I have placed omeka and pdfjs files under var/www/ . In the 'src' parameter (which is in show.php) i use the following value: http://mozilla.github.com/pdf.js/web/viewer.html?file=http://localhost/omeka-2.1.4/files/original/'.metadata($file,'filename').'

I face the following error:
PDF.js v1.0.770 (build: 74d02c3)
Message: Unexpected server response (0) while retrieving PDF "http://localhost/omeka-2.1.4/files/original/d004d56cfa4da0769fbae6fa6a64fdb9.pdf".

What could be wrong? Is it the path?

Thank you in advance!

fivos, please start a new topic for this issue. Thanks!