What is the best way to add wikipedia articles?

Hi, I would like to link to wikipedia articles, but also use parts of them as a citation - atm I really would love to just have to copy the article url in an input field and have omeka generate all the meta infomation itself - this should be possible with wikipedia articles, what do you think?

If I understand what you're asking for here, you want to make an item that represents a Wikipedia entry. You don't want to import the text of the entry, but you'd like to have the entry's metadata be searchable from within Omeka.

Based on my limited experience, this sounds like a task for a plugin. You'd go to the plugin's control page, enter the URL of a Wikipedia article, hit "create item," and the plugin would auto-populate the fields. (That's a one-time-import strategy; if you wanted to keep up with changes to the entry, you'd need a "refresh entry" button/function to refresh the data manually or on a schedule.)

Of course, I might be wrong; someone with more experience should chime in on this.