What happened to IntenseDebate Comments plugin?

The page is still there, but the written instructions and the link to download the plugin seem to have gone:


Am I missing something really obvious? Wouldn't be the first time.. ;)

We'll look into this.

It looks like it just hasn't been transitioned over from the old plugins directory to the new one.

I still don't see the link to download the plugin. Is it located anywhere else?

Any chance of getting it back?

The situation as I understand it is this:

The original author of the plugin has moved on.

This plugin has never been one which was handled or supported by the Omeka team, and we don't really have the manpower (or the inclination) to begin doing so now.

The old, zipped up copy of the IntenseDebateComments plugin is still available here. The plugin's code also still exists in the old Omeka Subversion addons repository at https://addons.omeka.org/svn/plugins/IntenseDebateComments/trunk/

The datestamp on that zipped copy linked above is January 13, 2010, so it's possible that some issues have crept up, but on the other hand, the IntenseDebateComments plugin is very simple, so there's better than even odds that it still works fine.

We'd be more than happy for someone who's interested to adopt and test the plugin, and submit it to the new addons repository.