What exactly is indexed in Exhibit Builder

Trying to quick search a string contained in an exhibit or exhibit page content, I get no results (no matter which search type I chose).
When the string is contained in an exhibit (or exhibit page) title, it is always found.

I set all the checkboxes in Setup/Search form and run reindexing just in case. Didn't help.

So my question is: does the Exhibit Builder plugin index all the exhibit and page content?
Looking at the SimplePages plugin, I see that it indexes all the page content (I can find anything there using the quick search).

Tested on Omeka 2.1.4 + Ex.B. 3.0

One more finding: looking at my old Omeka setup 2.1.1 + EB 2.1 the search inside the exhibit content seem to work OK.

When you're searching for page content, are you doing exact match and using " " or just exact match?

Actually it doesn't matter. I tried both and I've also tried different types of quick search. The effect is always the same. Any words in the exhibit titles are being found but not within the content.

There's a bug in the Exhibit Builder: it doesn't correctly index text in blocks. The captions for attached files are indexed, but not the text in "Text" fields.

This is fixed on the development version as of right now. I'm not sure when that fix will be released.

Thanks for the info. I've found your update on GitHub so I will be able to correct my local copy.

This is fixed in Exhibit Builder 3.1.2.

Note: it can't fix the problem retroactively, so pages will be updated with correct indexing as they're saved, or upon a call to reindex the search database.