What could I have broken?

I just tried to update a working Omeka 1.0 site to version 1.1 on a Dreamhost server using svn. When trying to access the site, I now get this error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IS_IDENTICAL, expecting '{' in /home/luahiwa/huapala.net/application/helpers/StringFunctions.php on line 82

I've updated a couple of installations on non-Dreamhost servers in the same way without a problem. Any idea what could be broken here?

Without knowing your technical background, I'll briefly blab about subversion. I want to double check that you're running the 1.1 tagged release (which is the same code that you'd use if you downloaded the zip file from omeka.org) and not the trunk (which is for bleeding-edge day-to-day development). Tags are frozen versions and releases of the code. If you're running on the trunk, there's no guarantee that Omeka will work (and often it won't). All I'm saying is, don't run the trunk on an active site. :)

While using subversion, you should "switch" the version of the code that you're running. The following command will do the trick:

svn switch https://omeka.org/svn/tags/1.1/

Thanks for your response. My technical background is next to zip, but I did install the tagged release, not the trunk. Used just the command you indicated. Re-running it tells me I'm at revision 4566. The .htaccess files are in place, and the db.ini file is intact. Maybe I'll just have to start over and do it the hard way.

Just to close this out, I'll report that I got it working again. I resorted to manually replacing files, starting with the one throwing the error message. That's all it took.

mem: Glad you got it working!