website item type -- local url

Has someone solved this?

Website local url displays, but it is not a link.

Could it be?


Could this be used? a jquery script to turn text into link.

The simplest way to do that would be to enter the HTML link as an element, instead of just the URL.

If you have a lot of data entered already, and don't want to go back and edit all the fields, a very simple plugin might be as easy as using an external tool like linker.

The plugin would make a filter on the URL metadata element, then return the text wrapped in a link. It wouldn't be much more than the following code, just put into a plugin:

add_filter(array('Display', 'Item', 'Item Type Metadata', 'Local URL'), 'my_link_function');

function my_link_function($text, $record, $elementText)
    return "<a href='$text'>$text</a>;

Here's more info on writing a plugin.

Hope that helps!