Having some trouble uploading an mov file. Are there accepted file types? Sizes?

Are you uploading the video from the admin interface? Have you tried using the dropbox? The Dropbox helps you to skirt file size limitations that might be restricting what you can upload from the admin/items/add interface.

Omeka does not restrict file types or sizes, but I'm guessing you may have maxed out the file size as determined by your server administrator. You'll have to check with them about file sizes.


Hi Sheila, Thanks!
I don't think it has anything to do with max file size as I have much bigger files on that server (my own dedicated server). I'll play with it some more and see what I come up with. I was uploading from the "add item" admin interface.


Hi - Just installed 1.0 and went to upload an mov file (not with the dropbox) and got the message "File Upload: The file 'file_0_' exceeds the defined ini size." The file is 4.4 MB. How can I change those limitations so I don't always have to use the dropbox to upload an individual file?

Sounds like a server-specific issue. Are you hosting this or are using a third-party hosting service? Some of the hosting services limit files to under 2 MB.

Will check!

Also the video appears nicely here --

but when I click play it moves to the item page.

Would like to check it but it seems like you've taken things down off the site.

Seems like you have created an exhibit page with a video as the main item on a page. I'm not quite sure what is happening, but the video should play in the exhibit. Perhaps try a different exhibit page layout?

Yes -- I've been doing a lot of playing/testing. Sorry!

It seems that different layouts work better for video and that videos can't go in the pages where there are thumb-sized images. Makes sense. Would be good somehow to indicate what could take a video and what couldn't.

Having general problems with image sizes with the different page layouts in the exhibit builder. The thumbs I had were too large, so I changed that setting, but still with some themes, the images / text aren't playing nicely together.

I'm still playing but you can have a look: