video files in 2.0.1.

Is there a way to have the video file appear on the item page the way it did on the earlier version of Omeka? I just upgraded to 2.0.1 and wish I hadn't.

I want the video file to show up on the items/show page just as it did in the earlier version of Omeka I was using. What I have now is some 'faceless' icon that no one is even going to know to click on so that they can be taken to the actual .mov file.

I believe that's actually just a configuration switch for the Thanks, Roy theme.

There's a checkbox setting for "Item File Gallery" in the theme configuration panel. When the box is checked, you'll get this layout that's optimized for showing many images.

Unchecking the box gives you the "normal" file display, where videos and other media types are directly embedded.

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