Video display in the item page

I, hi have been uploading some videos to my installation of Omeka, but I have been having some problems with the viewing.

The video cannot be seen directly on the page (embeded) and in some cases it does not even produce a thumbnail.

With WMV videos I do get a thumbnail but the video cannot be seen in the page, it gets downloaded when the thumbnail is clicked.

For ASF videos I don't even get a thumbnail just a link to the original location of the video when I imported it.

Does this have to do with file type? Is there any type of video that can be embeded in the item page and viewed directly there? How can I do this?

Thank you for any help you can provide!


There are quite a few moving parts to correct display of these kinds of video formats: Omeka's filetype and extension detection, proper browser plugins and support, and whether the theme is written to even attempt direct embedding of files on an item page.

Whether a thumbnail is generated depends on what your server's particular version of ImageMagick supports. Some servers have no support at all for making video thumbnails, some have fairly extensive support. WMV and ASF, as somewhat older and Microsoft-specific formats, are less likely to be well-supported.

To say much more, we'd need to have some details, like what version of Omeka are you running, and what theme are you using?

Omeka has built-in support for using <object> tags to embed WMV video, with the .wmv extension and the MIME types video/x-msvideo and video/x-ms-wmv, but no specific support for ASF extensions or MIME types.

Several Omeka 2.0 themes are designed to first attempt to display thumbnails only on the item page, only embedding the original file on its files/show page. The theme can be edited (or often just a configuration option changed) to use direct embedding instead of thumbnails.


Thanks for the compreensive reply, I was kind of expecting this to be a complex matter.

OK, so I know the theme I use (Seasons) at least tries to do a thumbnail, do you know if it tries to embed some types of more common video formats?
I can try to convert the videos to a more common format.

I am using Omeka 2.03.

The itens have been batch imported through the CSV import pluggin.

What I get in the theme I am using is in some cases the thumbnail in the item page, and then when I click the thumb it does not show the files/show page, but rather starts the download of the vĂ­deo.

I would, of course, prefer that the video could be seen in the item page,or at least in the files/show page.



I noticed now that there is a HTML5 pluggin to show media, if I install this pluggin will it help to show the video itens?


I have just replaced one of the videos for another one in MP4 format, and I did get the possibility to watch it directly on the item page. Though I think the controls are very weak:

Is this related with the type of plugin or browser? I have seen that this uses a QTime plugin. Is there any other format capable of displaying with better controls? Anyone has any experience on this?

Would I be able to insert that position an embeded file from a video hosting site such as youtube or vimeo? In the item admin site, when I go to the file options I only see the option to upload a file, no option to provide a link or embeded video...

Still regarding my previous question, would the HTML5 plugin help me with this?

Thanks, I am glad I can now see the video in the item page but I would like to have better controls on the video.


I am moving a video-oriented site to Omeka. We decided for many reasons to host our video with Vimeo. I created an Embedded Video element that belongs to the Moving Picture item type for storing the embedded video. Right now, Omeka is escaping the HTML so the player does not come up. This is on my list of issues, so I will be tackling it eventually. There should be a simple solution. I see no obstacle to marking an element as HTML and then passing that through to a theme/view.

On the HTML escaping, have you checked your Security Settings to see if the HTML filter is checked and if so, which elements are accepted?

@nhmk: try the plugin. If you don't like what it does, you can always uninstall it.

Hi, putting the video on a metadata element field from what I read doesn't seem to complicated from what I have read in other posts, but I did want to keep it in the top position instead of bellow in the midle of the other metadata.

OK, I guess I will install the plugin, I was trying to avoid doing that without knowing for sure if it would help because the test server has been down...