vhost, AllowOverride

Dear all,

I am desperately trying to run Omeka on a University-hosted server, but basically fail to do so since a while. The server runs SLES 11.3 and I get constantly a HTTP 500 when attempting to access/install Omeka. What I did was to fire up a virtual machine in AWS with SLES 11.3 and tried to figure out what was going on. Actually I it came down to the rewrite rule in the vhost-configuration on the University server, which is set to:

AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit FileInfo

instead of

AllowOverride All

what is recommended in the installation instructions. The HTTP 500 was constantly reproducable by switching the settings on the virtual machine. Now, the tech-support at the University is somewhat stubborn to render it politely and doesn't really want to change the vhost-configuration. Is there a workaround for the issue?

Greetings and many thanks in advance for any suggestion!

Are they happier changing the AllowOverride just for the particular directory Omeka will go in, instead of for the entire server?


yes, they agreed to change the AllowOverride-Rule in the vhost-configuration only a short time after my initial post. Anyway,to my big suprise there remains another issue I and they can't really make much sense of. I just had a meeting there to see what might be the problem. The browser screen stays just white when attempting to access Omeka. Debugging the bootstrap.php, there seems to be a problem with the inclusion of the Autoloader.php:

require_once 'Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php';

The issue seems to be close to that the problem already posted some time ago (http://omeka.org/forums/topic/trouble-installing-omeka-212#post-91732). However, using try - catch directives, the file is only found if I specify the path as:

require_once 'application/libraries/Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php';

However, this doesn't seem to solve the issue, even though the try-catch directive has found the file:

try {
if (!file_exists('application/libraries/Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php' ))
throw new Exception ('Autoloader.php does not exist');
echo "file found";
catch(Exception $e) {
echo "Message : " . $e->getMessage();
echo "Code : " . $e->getCode();

I am currently worming my way through the bootstrap.php, but I doubt that all this will end up in a smoothly running system. It seems that the whole thing stops when accessing the Zend-Framework Invoking Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getInstance();, but I haven't found yet an error-handling for this part. It seems to me that some path-configuration doesn't work as exspected (although the output of BASE_DIR, APP_DIR_ LIB_DIR and MODEL_DIR looks fine), but I have no idea yet why the the script stops there. Might it be a solution to hardcode (where?) the path(s), or will that break basically some parts of the application?

Has anybody an idea on that?

Greetings and many thanks for any suggestion,

P.S: Just in case, here are the basic lines from the vhost.conf

<VirtualHost XXX.XXX.XX.XX:80>
DocumentRoot /srv/www/htdocs/gsung-rten

ErrorLog |/root/wwwlog/apache_sysloganonerr_gsung-rten_error.log.pl
CustomLog |/root/wwwlog/apache_sysloganon_gsung-rten_access.log.pl combined

HostnameLookups On
UseCanonicalName Off
ServerSignature Off

RewriteEngine On

<Directory /srv/www/htdocs/gsung-rten>
Options Includes +Indexes +FollowSymLinks
# AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit FileInfo
AllowOverride All
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from .XXX-XXXXXX.YY
# Allow from all
php_admin_value open_basedir /srv/www/htdocs/gsung-rten:/home/fori004/public_html:/home/fori004/include:/home/fori004/data:/tmp
php_admin_value include_path .:/usr/share/php5:/usr/share/php5/PEAR:/home/fori004/include:/srv/www/htdocs/gsung-rten
php_admin_value error_reporting E_All